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Fairmont (1945 Restaurant-Cerita Rasa Vol.2)

1945 stands as a pioneering Halal-certified restaurant nestled within the Fairmont Hotel Jakarta. Collaborating with the Indonesia Tempe Movement for their second installment of Cerita Rasa at 1945 restaurant has been an unforgettable journey. 

This project has been nothing short of a delightful adventure. To ensure a flawless outcome, we embarked on a trip to Bogor to witness the art of tempe-making firsthand. It felt like a mini-holiday, surrounded by lush greenery. We meticulously captured every step of the tempe-making process, from its humble beginnings. Though we faced challenges in securing kitchen footage, given the restaurant’s commitment to serving its guests promptly, we proved that nothing is insurmountable. With determination and precision, we not only overcame these obstacles but also executed the entire project flawlessly.

  • Service Category : Promotional Video
  • Pre-Production : 3 Days
  • Shooting Day : 3 Days
  • Editing : 2 Days

“I had a fantastic time working with Ismail on my clothing brand. We shot a few videos together, and he was always very professional. The images we got were beautiful and of the best quality. Everything went flawlessly and harmoniously.”